Only big women = real women?

This image ended up in my mailbox the other day:


So here you have a slim, elegant unicorn that’s branded as “unsexy” and a big, fat rhino who’s branded as “sexy” because it has “real curves”. You don’t have to be Einstein to understand what this is really about. That’s right: Women’s bodies. Again.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m getting just a little bit tired of this implication that in order for a woman to be “real” she has to be a size XXL. Really? What decides whether or not a woman is real or not is her ability to cultivate cellulite and fat on her ass? Funny, cause I thought it was down to certain biological differences from a man, like having a uterus and stuff like that… To me, it’s a bit like saying a man isn’t a man unless he’s got an 8 inch cock and has the body of Hercules.

I pray, tell, at what point does a woman go from “real” to “unreal”? At 180 pounds? 140 pounds? 100 pounds?

What I’m struggling to understand is why it’s OK to body-shame thin/slim people but not OK to body-shame fat people. There are women who are naturally thin, no matter what they eat, and they can’t get an ass like Kim Kardashian no matter how hard they try. Just as there are women who are naturally large, with a big frame, who’d never look like Kate Moss. And both are OK. Some men are short and slim too, and unable to do much about it. Just as some men are build like mountains and will never look like Brad Pitt.

What Is the Big Deal??

I’d like to think that most people, when choosing a partner to spend their lives with, aren’t that worried about body shape. Sure, first we lust with our eyes – but then we love with our hearts. What may not be immediately appealing on the outside becomes appealing once you get to know the person on the inside. I’ve had the most enormous crushes on people I wasn’t immediately attracted to, until I got to know them.

I think that if you’re open-minded enough to let people surprise you, rather than choose a partner solely based on their looks and shape, you’d have a much better time of it than if you just disregard someone out of hand because they’re… unreal. Connecting with someone mentally is a much greater, and lasting, way to lust for someone. Everything else is just a bonus.

Bottom line: Body-shaming goes both ways. Worth remembering.

3 thoughts on “Only big women = real women?

    • Exactly. Then you have people who aren’t happy who create images, like the ones in this post, to make themselves feel better. “You may have a slim body but at least I’m more of a woman than you” etc. Oldest trick in the book: Make someone else feel crap so they can join you as you bask in the same crappy feeling.

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